Inside The Thoughts

there is something going on around in this world today and the sad thing about this is that it is ignorance and stupidity amongst some people. is it so that the life you live and lead are perfect in your eyes or for the outside world to believe? i often wonder how much you all think when you are by yourselves and how much gossip and bad words you spread about people you know and see? as time goes i see a clear line between love happiness truth and lies. i see a difference in what family think about us who are adopted and lead honest true wild lives. the hurtful words the unempathic ways is not something to bring further down the road at all. so it is better to cut the chord clean and be ourselves.

when life takes place something magic happens but for those of you who eat these pills and drugs everything slowly fades away into an abyss forever. i see your dark souls and think to myself that this world is slowly slipping away. a life lived should be appriciated and every breath should be a love to share with each other. thus i now see and feel what some of you really think of me and mine it is ok because i have to accept all your lies. my heart and soul was broken years ago and now i have spent years building myself up again. and this path is a way to live this life so my choice is to keep going and be honest all the time. i have a dream or i have zillions but mainly it is all about peace. it is a huge one and some of you say it is out of reach. but there are many who want a society with love and we are more humans and ethnisities to show for. our wings spread outside this realm and planets and we feel so much more than egoism.

from the outside this society seems like a cold virus of jealous people who use creditcards for nothing and pretend to like people. you spend money on private education you do not use and for what and why is the eternal battle so what do you choose?

the reason i think of this theme is because the adoptivemom has said hurtful words. i am broken as i have been from my childhood because of emotional abuse and keep a distant but still see the error in all my relationships. i have never wished for siblings but for friends love and family. because being adopted is now the worst thing ever. yes i got a new chance for a life but got thrown out from home by her when i was 17 years old. since then i have felt unwanted by them and every time i think of family i cry in my sleep. my heart hurts but my soul is strong i am thankful so i keep my head held high even tho i am misunderstood and abused. there is no use in trying to get people to understand how decieve racism hate and pain trully feels. so maybe someday you will wake up from your addiction to see how wrongly you have mistreated some humans!

inside the life is magical and this keeps me alive and i will promise you my dragons i will show you love!

much love