Any Challenge

lately i have learned to try to stay calm in certain situations but i also discovered my main problem. oh well it is of course being to verbal online duh! so is this worth some thoughts or is it a small reminder to someone that things should be verbalized?

i like this place where i am now it is a mixed society. still in the same country but on the other side of town. this place is secluded and colorful like a rainbow in the sky. where the birds sing and people smile. nonetheless are these humans so alive that here we even talk to eachother about things in our life. with me it is so and so but it will soon be alright. i am looking forward to a trip to my motherland. see, listen, smell, touch and talk to other pangaroos will be fun. and eating my way to a healthy soul again.

i wish for the young ones to open your eyes and stop not just to smell the roses, but to also have a conversation worth your time. being able to touch someones heart on your path is something no one of you never should pass. with a love for life we should all live together and be in harmony and peace like the animal kingdom. i know there are more to the eye of the beholder but somehow i hope for a life forever where the sun always shines.


looking back there has veen hardship through life, but i have lived and stay honest so we raised up and marched on. now i will see another world still a known unknown, but something i have been missing since i was young. my heart pounds and i feel a feeling of joy, should i dance and jump or wait until i arrive … home?

there is not much to say than this society does not work. but still there is hope for the future to hold. a vision for many is a community together, but to divide us into puzzles and think we will fit together? is not this a challenge we all should take to show the young and the old how we live and should be humans? are some of you really so ignonrant to work against a world united with natural colors that you have to kill others that are fighting for freedom?

i do not understand nor think i i will, but i will listen, analyze and talk to you still. do not think our kindness comes easy or natural. it is our choice for a better society within ourselves. i do not know if there are some of you out there, but please stand up and do not let the stupidity surround you!

much love