Respect Honesty

i took a time out and went on a roadtrip here in norway just before my soul trip to my motherland. i got back yesterday to this city where everything is somewhat not how it suppose to be. my heart and soul is somewhere else and i wish there were a place to rest my head. these years in the cold north of europe has not been easy but i have lived and tried to be me. in the end i can now see that my personality brain body and me are not compatible with the rest of you because you are not how you are suppose to be. this society is ruled by corruption and if we are to be honest there are no real assumptions.


as i got older i grew and got stronger but still i meet the unknown in a way where i am contemplating life to a point where this is all a lie. the science of life is no longer humanity but nowadays it is all about the money. looking searching reading online is a scam a scene unclear for our minds. i wonder how you all suddenly got rich and where you all really are living. looking back i knew this world has had faults but hoping we are the generations to correct them all. but now i see what controlls some of you and that is the darkness the black money marked. a bank is a front like the glass window that shines. behind there is someone just watching us from behind. we never look back but sadly we should and see how we all go in the circle of life.


a new day will rise they say from the top. but is this reality or just an atombomb. all these natural catastrophes and murders are theree really innocent people among us. who should be imprisoned for life are those the ones who killed our loved ones. where are your hearts did you lose them to greediness or are you all on mastcard neediness. i see a lot of young ones these days. looking and searching for hookups and play. why are you not concerned about the future and why are not caring for the humans. on planetearth there are so much to be thankful for but lately you all been destroying the rest of us. is it so that you think you are superior or do you believe that no one sees you.


everywhere i go and places i see i can feel the shadows lurking next to me. knowing you all take advantage of humans is hurting us all but how are we going to live with nothing. are we back to a slavery era where the white man again pretend to be the good one. i do not know why you do not want to work as for paying for education is a solution to someone. with world to seem closer as never before we all fly around and pretend not to care. but sitting alone i know we all think about problems issues deaths and humanity. as for the animals i hope we let them be and remember to feed them because you are poisoning us all with them. i am not sure how we should live our lives but i know this we should respect all living creatures.


much love