This Is A Place For My Soul

i arrived here in korea on the 21th of september since then i have walked almost all around this city. of course i have bought a few things to remember and the won has been spent all over town. my soul is happier now than ever but my tears fall down from the corners of my eyes. i have talked eaten and met a lot of good humans and this country is so much more than my soul can remember. i have fallen for this place and found something to cherish so i bought myself an hanbok to wear for seoul and my birthparents.


the summer is late but warm and comforting as i have brought my dresses and style for my own. the air is clean even tho there are a million cars driving around on the road of seoul town. as i see all the fellow koreans i think to myself that i am where i belong. but i feel dumb because i cannot speak the proper language and are somewhat stupider than the common man i know. i know how the words are written and pronouced but still i have not learned the meaning alone.


i have met someone that i keep close in my soul and there are new friends running all over town. these lights shine as stars with colors that do not fade. and as the led light blinks a picture is shown. i see your souls and feel the uncertain thus i know some of you judge my soul. i have seen both rich and poor and i belong to this town. i have tried some of the dishes i have dreamed about but still there are so much more to come. as i have walked by the river and failed at seouls national cemetary i will go back tomorrow to show respect for the dead souls.


the rules and ethics are somewhat been mixed and i have remembered the wrong ones i know. my mind has gone so far and long that the timeline and railway does cross all over town. as we mix the old with the new i have much more to experience and wish for this seoul to be a gold mine of its own. where i try to write poetry in hangeul i do not know. but i hope to be respectful when the day will come. there are so many souls and i have opened up a realm and a way where an 오빠 has come into my seoul. whether there are us or another the time will show but one thing i know is that love has not gone. as far as i have traveled i have found a place i can call home………


much love

 “우리는 우리의 영혼과 함께 사는 것처럼 살고 있습니다.”~김유화이 ♾ 2017 #증만ㅅㅎ에로한원김유화이 #author #시인 #한국사람 #alone #anybryde #김유화이 #everydaymoments #fighting #travelinginkoreaseoul #서울에서 #anybrydephoto✌