Failing Is Not The Worst In Life

thinking this life and planet is not meant for the honest and open. i now have a soul that really does not care what others think or say anymore. but if you are a liar one who just assume and only care about yourself or those who fit your frame of humans you should be … Continue reading Failing Is Not The Worst In Life

My Firstborn My Blood

for a second i thought my life was filled with something else. then discovering i am filled with a baby. blessed to give life to something completely innocent beautiful and precious that no one has ever met before. now learning from my experience that trusting my own body and listening to my souls is sometimes … Continue reading My Firstborn My Blood

Inside 2017October

"these days i wish for something like respect love honesty my own family there has been so much hardships where i have been left lonely" 12.10.2017 "two years ago i was put in a coma where my soul ended up in a realm of drugs and humantrafficking they emptied our bodies for organs in the … Continue reading Inside 2017October

Saving PlanetEarth

this is for you whom been abused used killed kidnapped and raped. for your families friends neighbours and workplaces. please do not be tempted by money from others that have more than you. accept that life sometimes is a little unfair and work together for a better society instead. with love we can reach so … Continue reading Saving PlanetEarth