Forced And Stalked By White Ppl

in march this year a boy who forced himself into my life and house who i regretfully let stay because i thought i could help. again this boy turned out to be a liar that jumped me in my own house and broke ribs on the right side of my chest. the police came i do not know how they where called or remember much from that day. thus a few days later i felt like i was going to die. like the air was leaving my lungs and went to the emergency room. i waited in a smellyroom where the pain in my chest and breathing was so painful and hard that i thought it was the end. after a little while the nurse came in and said ; “we have to take an xray to be sure your lung is not punctured.” i do not remember much except for the pain and that i was given paralginforte for it. went back to my apartment and do not think i did much the next days.


i told the nurse and the doctor his name and got a paper from her. but someone broke into my house and stole both documents clothes designerbags and designershoes. i have reported these ppl to the specialforces in norway and hope they will get their punishment, because this is also almost murder. this changed my whole persona in a way you would not understand. i thought i had experience some of the worst but being jumped and ending up with broken ribs is something that could have killed me. and again i hoped it would because it is easier to get ppl away for murder than for domestic violence and beating it seems like. being the victim does not seem to mean anything because you all feel sorry for the criminals culprits or yourselves. the last one i truly do not understand and will never be able to wrap my mind around that kind of mindset. i will never understand how you can protect fucked up ppl who only lie for a living. also one of his friends are amongst the reported. so i hope you all will take your lives or become drugaddicts if you have not fallen down that road yet. i wish someone will put you on heroin and rape you repeatedly for the rest of your lives in eternity!

grov kroppskrenkelse

there is also this violent boy that jumped me in my apartment last summer with a scissor and glassbottles that time the police also came but i do not know who called them. he was reported then and i got a restraining order against him. thus we had a person i n common i told this person the truth. but of course this summer they broke the law so i again reported the violent boy for the 2time in under a year. there is also an earlier abuser who i also have an restraining order against that showed up in my neighbourhood so i of course reported him too. he abused me for a year both physical and psychological both in norway and abroad. i do not know how some of the police in norway work but i know that some of you are violent corrupted and criminals.

so because of all this violence being strangled and loosing unborns i have not been myself at all this summer. but as if this was not enough the company i rented my apartment from went through with an illegal eviction. where they apparently said they have contacted me but did not. they also had a hearing that i did not get information about. saying i have done things i emailed them about. the only thing i have done is playing loud music during daytime. and i know for a fact that that is nor illegal or against the law anywhere. but on top of this at the places where one should feel safe i was jumped by a nightworker because of me walking in my sleep! so if you want to talk about culprits criminals and victims choose one side and see who you should protect!

much love


Just Stay Away ; There Will Come Pictures ;

help us victims to stand up for ourselves and our lives so we can live in peace 💞 #PutTheseViolentPeopleAwayForeverNow ; emotional physical stalking brokenribs whiplash strangled murder breakins and sexual abused by these people ; #Norge #EirikKvisli #KavehNikouee #Wanja #Alexander #AlexanderHøva #RobertFjeldstad #JohnChristianHeive #MathiasGjerdrumOlsen #GryFaiaHjelle #OsloPolitimenn #Nav #NattevaktPåVinderenAkuttmottak #GothianmNorge #SecuritasNorge #DiakonhjemmetsmSykehusOslo #LegevaktaOslo #FolkFraTønsbergOmegnOgEik #LegevaktaTønsberg #Psykologer #FolksomBorIOslo #Kerkantilbygg #CecilieGjøstøl #KanskjeDesign #AnnieThoraBerdahl #GimleParfymeriBygdøyAlle39 #BygdøyAlle39Oslo0265 #LarsWold #IngarNilsensVei1b0268Oslo


i have reported almost all of these ppl to the authorities but had to move myself from norway because of no security !


Aitreuya YooHwai LilandBryde Kim


september is finally here and i do feel more calm than the previous months. this year has been hell for as well as the past. but why complain when i can tell you all in words about how it is to live and be abused in what these people call the “best country in the world.

i am bought to norway without my concent and would change this life for everything else. but now that i am over 35 years i am blessed to be breathing and seeing the sun. i will not say it has all been bad but mainly i have been abused. by almost everybody in my life but i have deleted them now or as they say “blocked you in facebook. after years with emotional abuse from some of the people. i have cut them out like garbage and cigarettes. to me they have never meant nothing at all because all they do is lie cheat use violence and drink. the words that they use are mainly negative and they spread rumors and lies about almost everybody. i have never wished for them so the loss is not big. but of course i am broken because i have been there for them. but my pride is stronger than these fake people style so it so easy to just say goodbye.

i have been blamed by the girl and she has said to my mom “it is her fault i have no friends had to go to a psycholog and all that. mom you have to pay! the boy is a racist and violent or they both actually are. but some years ago he was kinder than now. these people seem ignonrant and unintelligent to me because all they do is copy cut and paste. thus i really do not know because all their socialmedia is secret. so their life is probably fake with the lies inbetween. as expected of course some people believe in lies and i do not have any energy to tell them otherwise.

this situation and abuse i have been through is hard because again i have been exposed to violence and harm. i wish for a capitol punhisment for these crimes and for the criminals to pay their way in life. in this country the rapers run freely in the streets. where they have goals to fuck at least a new girl every day. i do not know how a person can go through with this. but when i look back at the raper i only see stupidity in his eyes. thinking you are something when you are so ugly and violent is somewhat a laughing stock for the real market! and these people of course are in a group but not a popular one just a messenger thing. i think they have a deal where they drug girls and take them home because everything i have been through since i met them is in shadows. of course the other one broke my ribs and made some friends delete the police report from the prison they work in. i know cause they called me on a number unknown from a prison in oslo norway and i have met them once. i do not remember the names but i know the culprit and his fucked up family so to tell you all karma will hit you!

for the last one he is an fake and someone i dated he has used and abused me as well. the last he did after he got me pregnant was strungle me 3 times in a row. i lost my breath and almost died my neck and throat got crushed and the voice dissapeard. and i lost the unborn beacuse of all of this violence so now i am done with you sociopathic unempathic dumb people. this country is filled with so much criminality and fake news that even the politician parties are in on it! as for the terrorattack here in oslo they all might have a connection because these actions against me remind me of death and blackness. the others that think they have gotten a pass should look back and know that you are breaking all the laws. getting friends to come up to me is not smart when you have restrittiva and not doing your job policeofficer it is bad i have to say. but i know you know so i will see what happens next.

much love

Verdens Hoelet

det er noe med dette landet som absoslutt ikke stemmer overens med hva dere nordmenn tenker om dere selv. for eksempel at dere har satt dere som “nummer 1 i verden! i en verden hvor det finnes saa mange andre land som er saa mye bedre aa leve og aa vaere i enn detta landet. dette landet har faktisk kun fjellnatur igjen aa skryte av utenom fjordene da. men hvilke land har ikke fjell og fjorder?

dette er verdens dyreste land selv for dere norske som tro dere er rike. men hva gjoer dere egentlig? jo dere oedelegger jorda havet naturen menneskene ved aa late som dere er intelligente. ved aa utgi dere for aa vaere medmenneskelig og ved aa voldta og baksnakke alle dere moeter. dere synes det er skummelt med utlendinger og folk som snakker et annet spraak enn norsk. men hvor mange er det ikke som forstaar dette simple spraaket men ikke toer aa uttale et norsk ord fordi de er redde for negative bemerkninger tror dere? er det slik at dere tror dere er perfekte fordi dere er fyrtaarn? hva i helvete er det dere egentlig gjoer med livene deres? ikke en dritt skal jeg si dere! mange av dere har jobber som tilsier at dere burde vaere baade utdannet og proffesjonelle. men aerlig skal jeg si dere at jeg har moett saa mange analfabete innbisile uintelligente folk paa min vei at det halve kunne lenge vaert nok! dere har trynetillegg og betaler for karakterer som er ubrukelig. dere stjeler verdisaker av oss som har brukt tid og penger paa aa finne unike ting. dere sprer sykdommer rykter og dop som om det skulle vaert livets vann. men i enden hvem bryr seg? jo egentlig bryr alle seg paa hver sin maate fordi dette gaar utover flere enn dere aner. for detta gaar utover de neste generasjonene i verden! for nesa deres er hverken nilfisk eller noe aa skryte av. nei for den er jo full av kokain heroin fentanyl og amfetamin! jaja selvfoelgelig er det greit aa ljuge og tro en er bedre enn andre. det er jo bortkasta tid aa leve redelige og aerlige liv er det ikke? la meg se hvor mange av dere som egentlig er kriminelle med prikker og voldsstraffer paa dere!

vil si at dere alle hoerer hjemme paa samme sted og det er faktisk i soepla med resten av dritten som raatner og forsvinner! slik dere gjoer mot jordkloden og oss mennesker som er ute etter fred og samhold! jeg skulle oenske dere kunne faa aapna opp dissa lukka hjerneflappene deres og banka inn litt ekte vett og ren informasjon som henger paa greip med 2017 og resten av verden! tror dere virkelig detta la det er det beste landet? ingen vil jo egentlig vaere her ; eneste grunnen er kontantstoetten og at det er enkelt for mange aas nylte paa staten!

for aa stille opp aa gjoere noe for oss som virkelig sliter og blir mishandla er dere jo for evneveike til aa klare aa gjoere nesten alle sammen! saa da er det vel et par ord til ettertanke da eller det enda en unnskyldning for aa drikke ruse seg feste eller bruke kredittkort og dop?

much love